Dobbin Management, Inc.


Dobbin Management is a full service firm specializing in managing condominiums  and home owner associations (HOAs.), encompassing all aspects of community management. This includes assisting Board of Directors in organizing and running monthly and annual meetings, bookkeeping and financial report management, ongoing maintenance and 24/7 emergency services. 

We also offer standalone bookkeeping services for self managed associations as well as managing individual rental units for investor owners with multiple properties. 

Professional Managerial Services Checklist

Full Service Management for Complexes Over 60 Units includes:

Service to the Community

  •  Provide 24/7 emergency call service
  •  Process requests, complaints and inquiries
  •  Communications, Newsletters, Your Community’s Website
  •  Support volunteer leadership and committees – Community Building
  •  Preserve, Protect and Enhance Quality of Life of Residents 

Manage the Corporation’s Business Matters

  •  Maintain Code of Ethics
  •  Maintain all records and continuity
  •  Ensure that all necessary federal, state and municipal forms, filings and disclosures of the association and corporation are filed and kept current
  •  Ensure all insurance policies are adequate and in effect
  •  Keep community in compliance with laws and ordinances
  •  Inform and advise Executive Board
  •  Execute decisions made by the Executive Board
  •  Generate/respond to all correspondence as Agent of the Corporation

Manage the Corporation’s Finances

  • Draft budgets based on needs of the Corporation and Community
  •  Monitor financial status
  •  Collect and monitor revenue; initiate legal action for past due obligations
  •  Review invoices and pay creditors in a timely manner
  •  Long Term Planning

Liaison to Your Professionals and Service Providers

  • CPA, Attorneys, Bankers, Insurance Carriers and Agents
  •  Engineers, architects, consultants
  •  Contractors and Vendors

Maintenance of the Asset

  •  Buildings, Pool, Grounds, Clubhouse, Parking, HVAC systems
  •  Hire, fire, direct, support and supervise Association employees
  •  Inspect and expedite correction of physical plant deficiencies
  •  Assign routine maintenance to employees or outside contractors
  •  Prepare and/or assist consultant in preparing specifications
  •  Solicit, evaluate and present to the executive board bids and proposals
  •  Maintain services: trash, pest control, snow removal, landscape maintenance, etc.
  •  Process insurance claims; rehabilitate damaged property*

Your Board of Directors’ Representative to the Community

  • Owners and renters
  •  Prospective purchasers
  •  Real Estate Appraisers
  •  Real Estate Agents
  •  Mortgagees