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Rich Johnson

Rich is a licensed Realtor in Connecticut and Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA).  Coming from a family active with the Jaycees and Boy Scouts, he believes in the lessons he learned from his parents.

They taught him from an early age how to build and fix things. The carpenter’s adage of “Measure twice, cut once” applies to everything he does.

Having owned and run rental investment properties he is acutely aware of the issues and needs of property management.

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A Craftsman’s Perspective

The right tool for the right job

Rich’s background is in working with both his hands and his mind.

He’s run large scale print shops and overseen mission critical runs of deliverables, he’s had to know how to get all the details right and make sure everything is in perfect running order and all within budget. 

He takes this perspective in the projects he undertakes, in woodworking, design, and renovation. It makes him ideally suited to oversee and arrange repairs and improvements as well as keeping all his (and your) Ts crossed and Is dotted. 

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