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Bookkeeping Services

Image displaying bookkeeping concept- calculator and invoice

Dobbin Management, Inc..can provide accounting and bookkeeping services, billing and accounts receivable and monthly and yearly financial reporting for your Condominium or Home Owners Association who are self-managing or small enough so that a full-service management solution is not feasible.

We can allieviate the headache associated with your financial record keeping. We are not CPAs and do not do tax work.What we do is provide you with accurate, well kept and up-to-date books, ready to go at all times so your CPA and financial team can serve you better.

How it works:

  1. You recognize a need for ongoing bookkeeping, accounting or payroll services.
  2. Contact us for a free estimate of the monthly cost to fill your needs. DMI will design the accounting plan, together with you, that is right for your Association.
  3. We update books on a monthly or quarterly basis. Our reports are accurate, easy-to-read, and designed to meet the needs of CPAs, loan institutions, title companies and your Board Of Directors for annual budget preparation.
  4. At tax time your CPA and/or tax accountant receives well-kept books from which to do their work. This saves you money and makes the process easier and more accurate.


  • Cost Savings: Save money by using DMI's staff for month-end bookkeeping or accounting instead of hiring a full-time employee and paying expensive payroll taxes and benefits.
  • Full Time/Real Time Access: DMI bookeeping services are available to you on a full-time basis, via email or telephone during regular business hours.
  • Simplicity: DMI is fast, efficient and experienced. We update your books regularly, take care of your payroll and filings and make your finances simpler so you can focus on managing your association.

Dobbin Management is currently accepting new clients.

Submit a Request for Proposal and we will contact you shortly to arrange a presentation with your Board of Directors.