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Full Service Management

Dobbin Management, Inc. provides a turn-key solution for condominium associations and their Boards of Directors. We handle common, scheduled tasks, upkeep and logistics as well as providing immediate emergency coordination and response.

Below is a comprehensive list of services we provide to our clients. Our goal is help facilitate and provide guidance for your decisions and execute your board's vision for your community.


Property Services

DMI conducts routine site inspections of the community for the purpose of identifying CC& R (Conditions, covenants and restrictions) /rule violations and checking on the performance of Association vendors. Bids and routine maintenance are a core function of our service.



  • Maintenance of buildings, Pool, Grounds, Clubhouse, Parking, HVAC systems
  • Hire, direct, support and supervise Association employees
  • Inspect and expedite correction of physical plant deficiencies
  • Assign routine maintenance to employees or outside contractors
  • Prepare and/or assist consultant in preparing specifications
  • Solicit, evaluate and present to the executive board bids and proposals
  • Maintain services: trash, pest control, snow removal, landscape maintenance, etc.
  • Process insurance claims; rehabilitate damaged property


Administrative Services

DMI provides a full-time and fully functioning administrative office for your Association's business affairs and paperwork. We also help your Association run smooth and productive regularly scheduled Board of Directors Meetings and Annual Unit Owner Meetings.




Board Meetings

  • Prepare Board packages in advance of meetings
  • Executive session attendance as needed
  • Take Minutes at all board meetings and maintain on file historical Minutes
  • Issue notices of meetings-prepare and distribute agendas, notices, ballots, proxies, etc.
  • Schedule and attend hearings with homeowners prior to Board Meetings when necessary

Annual Unit Owner Meetings

  • Prepare and distribute all associated paperwork (agenda, proxy, ballot, minutes, return envelopes)
  • Run Annual Meeting if desired by Board
  • Manage all returned proxies to insure quorum status
  • Attend meeting and provide administrative support (check in, ballots and ballot counting, etc.)
  • Prepare and maintain records of all work orders for the Association


DMI keeps your Association's business in order, doing daily and regular upkeep and processing of neccessary tasks and filings. We perform the following duties:


  • Generate/respond to all correspondence as Agent of the Corporation
  • Execute decisions made by the Executive Board
  • Inform and advise Executive Board
  • Keep community in compliance with laws and ordinances
  • Ensure all insurance policies are adequate and in effect
  • Ensure that all necessary federal, state and municipal forms, filings and disclosures of the association and corporation are filed and kept current
  • Maintain all records and continuity
  • Maintain Code of Ethics
  • Serve as contact and liaison to:
    • Attorneys
    • Real Estate Appraisers
    • Real Estate Agents
    • CPAs
    • Bankers/Mortgagees
    • Insurance carriers and agents
    • Contractors and vendors
    • Engineers, architects and consultants
  • Provide for 24/7 after hours answering and emergency services.
  • Maintain corporate documents
  • Provide all rules/policy information to new homeowners.
  • Provide for the creation and maintenance of an Association web site if desired by the Board.
  • Assist Board with CCR/Governing document interpretation, compliance with Connecticut and federal laws, and guidance for the Board drawing from our experience on all other issues associated with managing the Association




Financial/Bookkeeping Services

Your association is many things: your home, your investment and your sanctuary. What it also is, in legal terms, is a business enitity with financial responsibilites and obligations. Keeping the house in order is our job. To that end, we do the following:






  • Draft budgets based on needs of the Corporation and Community
  • Monitor financial status
  • Collect and monitor revenue; initiate legal action for past due obligations
  • Review invoices and pay creditors in a timely manner
  • Long Term Planning



Dobbin Management is currently accepting new clients.

Submit a Request for Proposal and we will contact you shortly to arrange a presentation with your Board of Directors.